Rumour has it… Movement has it all!

So I have corrupted Adele’s lyrics but I wanted to discuss the benefits of movement as not moving can lead to a host of musculoskeletal problems that could potentially also affect mental well-being.

So many aspects of our lives are sedentary: driving, working at a desk, using a laptop or computer, gaming, eating out with friends or even socialising down the pub! If you think about our body position during these activities, although varied, we have hardly moved our muscles or bones!

I see many clients who have problems with their neck, shoulders, hamstrings, quads, calves or buttocks and usually the reason they have come to see me is because the body is not being moved back to centre (neutral) enough. Look at the images below to see what I mean about the body being stuck in the same position all day.

Posture 1Posture 2Posture 3Posture 4Posture 5


Head forward, shoulders rounded, back curved, bent legs and inactivity throughout. The lack of movement of the body can lead to a host of musculoskeletal imbalances. Fortunately, massage can take away the discomfort associated with poor posture and even recommend exercises to help you redress some of the imbalances in your body.

At Powertouch Therapy (, we are trained in a variety of different stretching and rehabilitation techniques to help improve your posture. So why not book in for a session. Email or call her on 0759 050 1552 to discuss your particular needs with her. It may take some time before we get you to work with a spring in your step as shown below but we can certainly help you on your journey!

And if you plan to do this, well I would love to be in on that meeting!

Posture 6

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