How can massage therapy work online?

People always tend to perceive massage as a therapist laying their hands directly on a person’s skin. That was definitely the case pre-Covid!

Now we have realised that there are a number of skills that we have that enable us to work with clients using Zoom or other video-call platforms.

Our initial consultations with clients have always included finding out about their particular issues and performing some orthopaedic tests, such as range of movement. We can do that online.

Many people we treat in clinic might receive some self-massage advice to use a foam roller or tennis ball to help treat an area. We can guide you through this online just as we would have done in a face-to-face clinic setting if we needed you to perform this between treatments.

We can talk you through myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy and include breath work and/or meditation. In clinic we liaise with our clients to communicate about how this feels for you. Online we do the same, we just guide you through the experience yourself.


Often we suggest some stretching or strengthening advice to clients to help with any rehabilitation of soft tissues. This aspect is familiar to many of us with the plethora of yoga, Pilates and personal training that is available online. It is also an integral part of advanced clinical massage.

So, if you are experiencing stress, anxiety or any musculoskeletal issues then why not try booking an online session with an advanced clinical massage therapist? Even with many services closed and still in lockdown there are options available to help you get out of pain, to reduce stress and to improve your range of movement.

Why don’t you book one now?