Covid-19 has led to a variety of changes in working practice. Currently wellness treatments are available online as re-opening for face to face treatments has not yet been approved by our professional organisations.

I am an Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist (BTEC level 6) based in Woking. In clinic or online I use a variety of different massage techniques, movement analysis, breath work and exercises to improve outcomes for my clients. It may help you too!

“After 2 treatments my chronic neck pain has been eased and my subsequent treatments have both further helped the problem and been very relaxing.”

“Susan, I would like to express my thanks for the relief and benefit your therapy has given me both mentally and physically.”

“For many years, Susan has successfully helped to fix my many injuries, be they from approaching sports like I am still in my twenties, carrying not-so-small children, or manoeuvring yet more furniture around the house. Her knowledge of treating aches, pains, strains and sprains is excellent.”

Massage is used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, some examples include:

    • Headaches
    • Shoulder impingement
    • Rotator cuff tear or injuries
    • Kyphosis
    • Sacro-iliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction
    • Hip pain
    • Femoral acetabular impingement
    • Patello-femoral pain syndrome
    • Achilles injury such as tendonitis

Although I am familiar with adapting treatments to meet the needs of individual disabilities certain medial conditions may prevent a treatment from being carried out so it is best to consult your GP prior to an appointment to see if massage is right for you. Of course, feel free to contact me to discuss any questions or queries you may have about your individual situation.

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