Massage Therapy

If you are stressed or in pain then massage can be an effective treatment to help you recover.  

Don’t let those aching joints or muscle tension get you down!

Book a massage and see how that can help you start to get back to being your normal fabulous self!

£40 for 30 minutes
£60 for 60 minutes

Relaxation Massage

When leading a busy life taking time out to recharge your batteries is vital. Massage can help lower levels of tension and thereby reduce your stress or anxiety levels.

Research shows that massage has a beneficial effect on hormones that help reduce stress.

Reducing stress, reduces inflammation in the body and helps improve wellbeing. 

Clinical Massage

If you have painful shoulders, aching hips or back problems then you need a massage!

Using many techniques adapted from the sports massage world but with a more Eastern approach to treatment, clinical massage can bring many benefits to chronic conditions, allowing you to move more freely .

Sports Massage

So many different ideas for treatment depending on whether you are preparing for an event, post-event or general maintenance sessions. 

These factors all contribute to providing you with a bespoke treatment to help you maximise your potential.

"I first visited Susan 9 months ago following a recommendation. I had pulled a muscle in my neck which left me with only minimal movement in my neck and upper back. After the first two visits the movement was much better and after a further 4 visits I was completely back to normal. I have recently gone to PowerTouch Therapy again for another pulled muscle and Susan is working her magic again!"
Debbie, Egham

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