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When you book an appointment for the first time with me please first of all choose the ‘New Client Consultation’.

This will allow us to have a chat and ensure that we both have a clear idea about what will be needed for your  first appointment 

Together these form your appointment time. So, whether you need to reduce your stress levels, have treatment for e.g. headaches, rotator cuff injuries, knee pain or just need some time for yourself then a hands-on massage could be just perfect for you!

Relaxation Massage

When leading a busy lifestyle taking time out to recharge your batteries is vital. Massage can help lower levels of tension and thereby reduce your stress or anxiety levels.

Clinical Massage

Unfortunately, some people have a variety of aches, pains and stresses in their lives that mean they have chronic conditions that require a thorough assessment and individual treatment approach. Using many techniques adapted from the sports massage world but with a more Eastern approach to treatment, clinical massage can bring many benefits to chronic conditions.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is focused on identifying what is causing restrictions and/or pain in your movements. A short course of regular treatments usually delivered over a 4 to 6-week period can significantly improve how your body feels and moves.


£40 for 30 minutes

Including an online consultation and a face-to-face appointment in clinic

£60 for 60 minutes

Including an online consultation and a face-to-face appointment in clinic

"After 2 treatments my chronic neck pain has been eased and my subsequent treatments have both further helped the problem and been very relaxing. Recommend to anyone in pain or needing relaxation."
Andy, Woking

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