About Me

My name is Susan Harrison and I am a fully qualified Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist and Reflexologist based in Woking.

My massage clinic is in Woking at Parkview Centre for the Community where I work on Mondays, alternate Wednesdays and Fridays.

I also work on-site in a number of local companies in Guildford, Cobham and Brooklands as well as in London. For more information about the benefits on-site massage could bring to your business click here.

In 2012 I trained at Jing Advanced Massage Training for a Btec Level 6 in Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage Therapy (ACSMT). I am now a Jing teacher and regularly support on their courses in Brighton.

In addition to my BTec level 6, I believe it is important to be familiar with the latest developments in the field and regularly attend courses as part of my continuing professional development. During 2016 this has included the following:

  • Taught and assisted on a number of courses for Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton
  • Completed a musculoskeletal anatomy course
  • Completed an anatomy course focusing on the lower body
  • Attended level 3 NKT course
  • Attended a ‘Born to Walk’ course
  • Completed a course on primal movements

My plan for 2017 is to attend a course on Exercise rehabilitation to help develop my knowledge around rehabilitation.