PowerTouch Online

Just because we had lockdown did not mean people’s pain went away! This led to a new way of working online and now I am excited to be making it a key part of my practice. 

Based on over 10 years of clinical practice, these sessions have been developed to help you play an active role in treating some common musculoskeletal pain conditions such as headaches, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff injuries, hip and knee pain perhaps from arthritis, iliotibial band (ITB) friction, to name but a few. 

Using a variety of techniques such as self-massage, trigger points, stretches and strengthening exercises, the online sessions have a clinical massage approach to treating musculoskeletal complaints.

Group Classes

Some group classes are pay as you go sessions. These are broadly focused classes to help you with self care.  

Other group classes have a more rehabilitative focus. These take participants with a similar musculoskeletal complaint through a treatment programme over 4 to 6 weeks with ideas to help their own progress between sessions. 

Classes are usually only 30 minutes on Zoom to allow for them to be focused and an ideal treatment to fit into your day, whether that is working in the office or based at home.

Individual Sessions

These are delivered individually, where assessment and treatment is tailor-made to meet your specific needs. A detailed consultation is completed that might require analysis of your photographs or video prior to the actual appointment, ensures that the treatment is totally geared to give you the best results. Subsequent appointments will check your progress with the self-care plan and revise your treatment programme as needed.


Self care group class: £5 per 30 minute class

Broadly focused to relieve muscular stress and tension

Rehabilitation group classes: £10 per 30 minute class

Designed to treat particular musculoskeletal skeletal ailments over a 4-6 week programme

Individual class: £30 for 30 minutes

First appointment focuses on consultation and assessment to tailor make a treatment plan specific for you

“Susan has been a key part in recovering from a shoulder injury that was stopping my enjoyment of climbing and swimming. Previous efforts to address this had been unsuccessful and I was worried about the prospect of unnecessary surgery. Susan diligently assessed the movement of the shoulder and the pain I was experiencing. Over a targeted number of weekly sessions conducted online, she used a combination of self-massage and at home rehabilitation exercises to address the shoulder pain and allow me to regain good functioning. Very grateful that I could return to regular exercise.”
Frank, Woking

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