Individual online help yourself sessions

Appointments can be booked online and delivered by Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime depending on what suits the client. Each appointment time is bespoke and can be broken down into three stages:

    • Consultation
    • Help yourself session
    • Follow-up advice with self care

The first consultation will be detailed to ensure the therapist has a good knowledge of your lifestyle, medical issues and injuries or surgeries that you might have had. Subsequent consultations will be to check your progress and note if there are any changes to your health and wellbeing.

The help yourself session will use a variety of techniques, such as self massage, trigger points, stretches and strengthening to try to direct you to ways that you can work to improve your own wellbeing and which you can implement between sessions as part of your self-care.

All these elements form part of your session time. If treating musculoskeletal issues then usually 4 to 6 treatments are needed to be effective.

    • Initial consultation free
    • Thereafter, online sessions £20 for each 40 minutes session
    • From 1st September prices will be £40 for 40 minutes sessions