PowerTouch Online: Individual Sessions

Appointments can be booked online and delivered by Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime depending on what suits you. 

An initial consultation allows for the therapist to gain a good knowledge of your lifestyle, medical issues and injuries or surgeries that you might have had. 

The online sessions will use a variety of techniques, such as self-massage, trigger points, stretches and strengthening to try to direct you to ways that you can work to improve your own wellbeing and which you can implement between sessions as part of your self-care.

All these elements form part of your session time. If treating musculoskeletal issues then usually 4 to 6 treatments are needed to be effective.

Bespoke appointments will typically look like:

  • Consultation
  • Online session delivered via video call
  • Follow-up advice with self-care


£30 for 30 minutes

Bespoke online appointment

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