PowerTouch Online: Group Classes

These are pre-booked sessions delivered online using Zoom. Sessions are structured to work on a specific musculoskeletal area of dysfunction so everyone in the group has similar goals. 

Using a programme of self-massage, trigger point work, stretches and strengthening the classes will work to help reduce the dysfunction and provide you with techniques to help yourself between sessions.

The programmes will run for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the musculoskeletal issue being treated.

Classes will typically focus on:

  • Shoulder problems
  • Hip pain and weakness
  • Low back pain 

If you would like to be informed then these classes are restarting then please Contact me and let me know which one you are interested in joining and I can keep you informed of the next start dates.


Pay as you go self care: £5 per session

Rehabilitation classes: £10 per 30 minute session

Pay upfront for whole series
(4-6 sessions would be £40-£60)

Interested in booking a session?

See my availability & book online here