On-site massage

Was great to have it on site as no time to get out of office. Would definitely use again.

Nicola, Twickenham.

Why On Site Massage?

Many businesses are hearing (and seeing!) the benefits massage in the workplace can have for employees and therefore the company – in fact it is what I now spend half of my week doing!

Many employers recognise the benefits in improving resilience to stress and the importance of making staff feel valued and appreciated. Massage is an effective method used to achieve these objectives. Whether it is on a weekly basis or as a one off thank you for working hard on a big project, there’s something on offer for everyone.

Working on soft tissue and nursing the aches and pains caused by sitting at a desk all day can lead to better circulation and a rested and relaxed mind. However, don’t be fooled into thinking staff will be too relaxed to work: I always ask my clients to let me know if they have an important meeting to attend or work to do after a treatment so that I can incorporate some invigorating techniques so they leave the treatment room relaxed, refreshed yet stimulated.

Some clients use these on-site sessions to recover from and prevent sporting injuries as it is easier to do it on site rather than try and find the time in their personal schedules to fit in a massage.

What I can provide?

Unlike some on-site massage practitioners, I don’t just work in a chair – if desired I can provide a specialist massage chair or couch as long as you can provide myself or my team with a quiet space to work in.

A Wednesday stress buster could be motivation to get through the week, or a Monday massage could revitalise and invigorate for an energetic start to the week.

We cater to all needs, whether you are a small business wanting to reduce stress levels or a large corporate company looking to improve the resilience and strength of your employees for motivation and performance, We can build a programme just for you. We want to help you get the best you can from your staff by giving them the best treatment we can.

All treatments are available on site.

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