Risk Assessment Statement

Working with the public, I have a responsibility to protect people from harm. This includes taking reasonable steps to protect me, my clients and others from coronavirus. The main points addressed as background to this document are:

1. What activity might cause transmission of the virus?
2. How likely is it that someone could be exposed? Who is at risk?
3. How can I act to remove the situation or if this isn’t possible minimise the risk?

Practical measures taken

Close contact working with a client could increase the risk of transmission therefore I have implemented the following steps:

  1. Pre-treatment assessment undertaken by video conferencing or phone prior to the appointment. This will include a Covid-19 health check which can be emailed. This will need to be completed prior to EVERY appointment.
  2. Clinic time reduced as assessment done in advance. Verbal health check on arrival.
  3. Visor and/or mask to be worn by therapist at all times and for supine work (client lying on their back) client can use a mask as well to protect themselves.
  4. Therapist to maintain and, if possible, enhance hand-washing protocols. Separate hand sanitisers are available for therapist and client to use during treatment.
  5. Plastic container provided for client’s clothing and personal effects.
  6. Fresh couch roll, covers, face cradle covers for every client.
  7. All washable laundry to be replaced after every client and set aside for washing at 60 degrees. Used linens to be stored in lidded container or bagged until they can be washed.
  8. Hard surfaces of couch and other areas, such as door frames, door plates, light switches, plastic box for clients. etc to be disinfected before and after every client’s appointment. Additional time between clients to allow for cleaning to occur.
  9. Client chair to be covered with disposable couch roll.
  10. Client to bring own water to ensure they can remain hydrated during or after treatment.
  11. Doors opened between clients to improve ventilation.
  12. Massage medium dispensed into pot to avoid contamination.
  13. Contactless payment, pre-paid appointments to minimise cash handling. If cash used please insert into an envelope and pass to therapist.
  14. Self-care advice, follow up and diary management to be done online wherever possible instead of in clinic.

These are all the precautions taken in clinic. However, I am fully aware that for some people they will be reluctant to have a hands-on treatment at this time so please click here for information about individual online courses where I can work with you on a one to one basis or click here for information on group classes focusing on particular areas of the body.