Relaxation Methods Available

Holistic massage 

Using Swedish massage techniques holistic massage can be used to stimulate, relax or soothe the body. By manipulating soft tissue, especially muscles, it can improve circulation, reduce tension and stress and help skin elasticity. A treatment that can induce a greater sense of well-being for people of all ages as it helps to de-stress the body.

Table Thai massage 

This incorporates a number of thai massage techniques that have been adapted to use on the massage couch rather than the floor and involve compression and stretching of muscles.

Pregnancy massage

After the 12 week stage pregnancy massage can be extremely beneficial to the mum-to-be and there is some evidence that expectant mothers who have regular massage in the last trimester have easier labours! Please contact in advance of your appointment so that I can ensure appropriate cushioning is available.


An ancient therapeutic practice that manipulates reflex points on the feet or hands that correspond to parts of the body. Reflexology can be performed seated with the legs raised or lying down with only the feet uncovered. It uses points on the feet to identify areas that are unbalanced in the body. The application of pressure to these reflexes can help these areas and rebalance the body. Some people find that after a treatment they feel relaxed and their feet feel lighter.

Indian head massage

This massage is performed seated and the client can remain dressed if they so wish. Indian head massage is a technique that is used on the upper back, arms, neck, shoulders, face and scalp. As it focuses on areas where the effects of tension and anxiety can cause problems, it can be particularly beneficial in reducing stress. Ideally, after an indian head massage the client should sit quietly for a few minutes to fully benefit from the re-energizing effects of this treatment.