Six ideas to exercise

Below, I have put together a few links to help make it even easier for you to start exercising.   1. Yoga Six simple yoga poses to help ease back pain are shown in an Elite Daily article: http://elitedai.ly/1PBioW7.  2. Mud runs For those of you who are used to running but fancy something more […]

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My top 5 tips to reduce stress

1. Make sure you have some personal time We live in a society where we have many demands placed upon our time: at home it may be sorting out children in the morning or chauffeuring them to and from after school activities, running a home, supporting elderly parents; and at work it may be attending […]

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Tension headaches

“Tense, nervous headaches…” Well, I am old enough to remember the advert used by a company to promote their tablets for the relief of headache pain. These painkillers are effective and reduce the symptoms but do not get to the root cause of the headache. Headaches generally fall into two categories: Primary headaches, which are […]

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